The Architecture of Private Blockchains : Collaborative Environment 101


Blockchain has hit the mainstream through Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and is currently a hot topic. Nevertheless, the technology and the possibilities it opens are still abstract for most people and businesses who still perceive using it on a day-to-day basis as a longshot. In fact, blockchain provides a number of benefits in the context of an enterprise: a secure way to process business transactions, an immutable registry of digital assets that can be handled in a flexible way by smart contracts, and many others.

When adopting a Blockchain for the enterprise, a complete technological stack needs to be put in place in order to integrate Blockchain services seamlessly with the rest of the Enterprise IT environment and the public data bases available.

Enterprise Blockchains should be open to the inside and to the outside. A hybrid approach is the ideal model. This architecture will then support legacy applications and the new decentralized applications (known as dApps) and will facilitate the design and deployment of smart contracts as well as their interactions with the rest of the world. This stack allows an enterprise to meet the need for private transactions between designated parties, the onboarding of new members into an existing consortium, and the interoperation with other public and private services and infrastructures.

Here at Blockchain Secure we have decided to “grab the bull by its horns” and help clients in their Blockchain adoption journey.  The development of the technology stack places Blockchain Secure at the forefront of the blooming academical world surrounding Blockchain.

The following webinar is brought to you in the light of Blockchain Secure collaboration with Telecom SudParis, one of France’s top engineering schools. In the following video, Alexandre Moreaux with the help of Pierre Mauvigner from Blockchain Secure who developed best practices for deploying Blockchain supporting the enterprises, takes a crack at demystifying the private blockchain network, the first layer of the technology stack, and walks you through the basics of installing and setting up your very own.

The sources of some of the pictures used in the slides are: Coin24, CBInsights, Icones8


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