On April 27/28, a Hands on Workshop “Introduction to Amazon Braket and Quantum Path®: Creating Quantum Solutions” took place and covered a presentation of Amazon Braket quantum computing service and QuantumPath®, the platform for the development and life cycle management of quantum software applications, promoted by QuantumBCS.

More than 200 people who attended the workshop were able to see first-hand how to develop industry-ready solutions with QuantumPath® Enterprise using the quantum systems of Amazon Braket general, more than 97% of the respondents agree that:

“QPath helps you designing the quantum algorithms and organize them into solutions under a user-friendly repository”

“QPath supports the execution of quantum process units transparently of the environment in which they are executed”

“QPath accelerates the construction and deployment of quantum applications, abstracting their technical complexities”

“QPath proposes a truly agnostic approach, including both quantum gates and quantum annealing”

“qSOA simplifies the integration of quantum software and classical”IT”.

The workshop sessions were recorded and are now available on the aQuantum Channel.