Certification and Timestamping

Anchor your critical Data on the Blockchain –with a unique fingerprint, and create an immutable registration of the owner, the time and the content address


Of data received for analysis, check its authenticity and integrity with cryptographic algorithms

Content storage

Store securely your data off-chain, in the Cloud with encryption (AES-256)

Content sharing

Share the content, stored in the Cloud, in a secure and customized way


Integrate your applications with the service through secure API


Ensure data integrity

Provide traceability of decisions during collaborative processes

Combat fraud by detecting altered data

Empower IT environments: legacy applications, digitalization solutions, and other tools

(CRM, ERP and verticals)

Use Cases

Undisputable proof during audits and legal processes where authenticity of digital documents presented to the court, is checked against anchored documents

Identifing fake diploma during hiring process

Managing quality processes in complex supply chains

Deployment in different industry segments :

Food chain, drug production and distribution, energy consumption and carbon footprint certificates…

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